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Fri 8th Jan

10 Top Tips: RAF Association Flying Scholarships

#1 Know where the RAF Association accepts Flying Scholarship applications from? The RAF Association has always accepted applications from the ATC, CCF(RAF) and the National Girls Venture Corps Air Cadets. This year members of the Air Explorer Scouts can also apply!

#2 Read the Terms & Conditions! May seem obvious but it’s surprising how many people don’t… There isn’t hundreds of pages, there are just two so it won’t take long and you might find that even though you don’t think you can apply YOU CAN!

#3 The application form is FIVE pages long… make sure that you send ALL FIVE pages in! If your application is incomplete it can’t be considered

#4 Practice your handwriting! We can all type neatly, but can you write neatly? Your Flying Scholarship Application has to be handwritten, print or photo copy a couple of extra forms so that you can have a practice, think about what you are going to write, take your time, in black ink and use a pen you like!

#5 If you meet the age requirement but haven’t yet got your GCSE or equivalent results yet, you can include a letter from you school / college with your predicted grades.

#6 Sell yourself! The panel that reads your form can’t read your mind so tell us how amazing you are; you only have 100 words to tell us about yourself so make the most of it. You might also get someone to check what you have written for typos, spelling errors etc.

#7 Only answer the question you are asked; there is a box on the form for you to write in how you have been involved with the RAF Association. Only write in the box what you have been doing with, or for the RAF Association. What you have been doing for other charities goes in the next box.

#8 Have you asked your Squadron Commander, or Unit/Group leader to fill out their section on the Flying Scholarship application form? You need their recommendation before you send your form in, why not take them a brew in when you take them your form…

#9 Make sure your Squadron Commander, or Unit/Group leader signs the form!

#10 Last but not least… know when your Flying Scholarship application form needs to be in at the RAF Association Headquarters in Leicester. This year your application form must reach Brian Fare by Monday 1st February 2016. Don’t leave it until the last minute to post your form in, make sure you have the correct postage on the envelope too.

Here’s a link to get your copy of the terms & conditions and your application form: